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edit 2 Girls 1 Cup

2 Girls 1 Cup was an internet video/website that became the source of life for many perverts who were forced underground after the 'Pervert Bashing Convention of 1811.' The video itself contains two girls who in turn excrete faecesand vomit into a cup, then also take it one step further and eat both the faeces and vomit. However this proved to not be challenging enough for the three-time olympic gold medalists 'Shit-and-vomit-eaters', so they proceeded to vomit in each others mouth, whilst maintaining their professionality and becoming sexually aroused.

edit Origin

Although the exact year of origin is yet to be discovered, scientists have evidence that performances similar to the 2 Girls 1 Cup video occured as early as 456 BC. Ancient scriptures have recently been decoded by professional Scatologists and they revealed that the founder of the act was in fact Barney T. Dinosaur, whom first shared the act with his long time partner Fred Flinstone. The act rapidly acquired a cult following amongst the perverts of society. The perverts rose up in arms and cups and started the mass crusade of what could only be described as an orgy of middle-aged men intent on comsuming each others feaces and vomit, whilst performing everyday activities such as the hoovering, free running and accounting. This continued for centuries up until the Pervert Bashing of 1811 when Chuck Norris decided enough was enough. Whilst Chuck Norris was enjoying his usual sunday massacre of new born babies, he noticed two naked men running across his yard, immersing themselves in a mixture of urine, feaces and arabian camel sperm. Using his lighting speed and the ability to cum-shot enemies to the wall, Chuck Norris saved humanity.

edit Quotes

“The 2 Girls 1 Cup video featured two girls and one cup.”
Captain Obvious
“I pity the fool who eats shit!”
Mr. T
“In Soviet Russia shit eat YOU!”
Russian Reversal

edit Famous Participants

Hitler - WARNING!!! Performing the act for 47 years will result in shit stains above the upper lip.

Britney Spears

Ronald Mcdonald

Coked out ukrainian women

Dick Cheney

edit The 2 Girls 1 Cup Olympics

A series of Olympic events were deicated to this act:

edit Winter Olympics

  • Participants had to successfully ski down the side of Mount Kilimanjaro whilst catching a minimum of 10 shit-shots from the rear of their partner into their mouth.
  • Participants had to then climb Mount Kilimanjaro and pull their partner up using their faeces as a rope.

edit Olympics

  • Participants had to engulf 10 cups of faeces and vomit each, whilst running a three-legged 100 metre sprint.
  • Participants had to sling-shot 25 cups of a spanish bull's testicles coated in vomit, over a distance of 10 metres into their partners mouth, vagina or Japs-eye.

edit Paralympics

  • Participants were removed from their wheelchairs and had to wrestle in faeces. The participant who consumed over a litre of faeces and pinned the opponent for 3 seconds won.
  • Participants were required to play a game of 3v3 basketball whilst aiming to score 3 balls of shit-piss-vomit-Hilary Clinton's clitoris- into their partners mouth.

--MM99 17:37, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

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