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Capitain Pelly

6-21-2006 (8)
The Three Knights of Grahamtopolis in which traveled a great quest led by the Gods.

PublisherGraham Comics
First appearanceHospital #139 (July 1989)
Created byUnknown
Real nameJordan C. Pelly
AffiliationsThe Great Council of Grahamtopolis
Previous affiliationsUnknown
Notable aliasesPelly, Sir Pelly the Silly, Dumbass
Notable relativesNone of relative importance in the independent sovereign nation of Grahamtopolis.
Notable powersMilk spewing abilities.
Comedic relief Intentional/non-intentional .
Command of the great army of chedda heads.
Ability to fly a pirate ship.

This user is too pirate for your internet.

Ape pod This user is an evolutionist and thinks intelligent design is a load of BS.
The novel M134shellshock is also available in paperback.
Did you know...
People who form sexual obsessions with cheese are known as cheddersexuals, and may be at high risk for certain cheese-related diseases, such as goudarrhea and swissilis.

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