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Namespace Talk Number
(Main) (random) Talk (random) ns-0
User (random) User talk (random) ns-2
Uncyclopedia (random) Uncyclopedia talk (random) ns-4
File (random) File talk (random) ns-6
MediaWiki (random) MediaWiki talk (random) ns-8
Template (random) Template talk (random) ns-10
Help (random) Help talk (random) ns-12
Category (random) Category talk (random) ns-14
UnNews (random) UnNews talk (random) ns-102
Undictionary (random) Undictionary talk (random) ns-104
Game (random) Game talk (random) ns-106
Babel (random) Babel talk (random) ns-108
Forum (random) Forum talk (random) ns-110
UnTunes (random) UnTunes talk (random) ns-112
HowTo (random) HowTo talk (random) ns-114
Why? (random) Why? talk (random) ns-116
UnBooks (random) UnBooks talk (random) ns-118
UnScripts (random) UnScripts talk (random) ns-120
UnPoetia (random) UnPoetia talk (random) ns-122
Unquotable (random) Unquotable talk (random) ns-124
UnDebate (random) UnDelete talk (random) ns-126
UnReviews (random) UnReviews talk (random) ns-128
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