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There is a difference between book smarts and smarts... and simply knowing to ask the right questions.

The real issue lies not with knowing the answers, not even with whether or not one will remember the answers, remember the pasts, the futures, the masks and the names. The issue is with understanding them. Understanding why. Memorising a fact will only get so far, but to understand the pattern behind the fact, this will actually get a person somewhere.

Twenty-thirty years ago, a question was posed - how would learning progress? Seems the guy was right. Just ask a computer. Even then computers were coming into the public eye. They were progressing to more common deployment and usage... so it fit.
Previously it was ask a book... but one does not ask a book. One searches through it. And before that, the only recourse was to perhaps ask someone with a higher standing... or merely leave it to wonder. But wonder can lead to glorious things in of its own. How do you think myths are born? But with a book, the fact generally came with other information, often with some sort of inherent explanation leading to a form of understanding, or so one would hope.
But merely asking the question? We have come full circle.

Understanding comes later.
If ever.

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