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This stuff is really rather boring. MicroRNA, or interfering RNA, attaches to stuff and prevents it from being copied. This might seem sensible until one realises that this happens after the actual transcription, editing, and transport, and as such is in fact phenomenally stupid. Chewed up. Stupid, but boring, rather like most schools. Especially primary schools...

Also, something about iPods. Possibly Euroipods.

Actually, it may have more of a use in other things, but hell if anyone knows what. Meantime, it does at least work, even if it is completely roundabout and disordered, perhaps even so much as our process of {{fix}}ing things.

It chews up stuff that causes Huntington's disease? (Something about dementia. Is that an angle? I always rather liked Dementia. Better than Mania. What?)

Man, if only your little brother's tendency to chew things up could be so useful.

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