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Some aren't so much bugs as just annoying things. But still.

Unresolved issues
  • AbuseFilter warnings parsed into html and then reparsed as wiki after already being parsed
    current workaround: Put formatted text in <nowiki>s to get past the first parse
  • Categories sometimes do not show up on pages they are added to.
    current workaround: None so far
  • Some logs of events disappear
    current workaround: None
  • Won't install useful extensions (for onpage css hooks, page variables, etc)
    current workaround: Use javascript, come up with really messy html hacks, give up
  • Won't enable built-in functions (logo replacement, title replacement, etc)
    current workaround: Use javascript
  • Nonexistent pages show up in our Special pages (e.g.: foreign language pages showing up in Broken Redirects, caused by interwikis defined with existing pages using prefixes)
    current workaround: None so far
  • Resized animated images are no longer animated.
    current workaround: Reupload the image at the size required
  • Links to special pages don't work for pages with special characters in the names (eg pages with ? in the titles can't be moved, + in the title can't be protected)
    current workaround: Paste the url into the titlebar manually
  • API is unreliable at best, downright unstable at worst, making bots very require constant maintenance to do simple things
    current workaround: Lots of spare time to come up with solutions for some things, no solution for others
  • Special:Random and Special:RandomInCategory don't work in UnNews.
    current workaround: Use DPL
  • Special:Search go button doesn't work when namespaces when specified, but goes straight to pages in different namespaces that aren't even supposed to be in the user's search pool when not specified
    current workaround: None
  • Special:Search result links don't render properly for pages using spaces or other special (in URLS) characters
    current workaround: Copy link, paste into browser, and replace %stuff with whatever it was supposed to be
  • Won't enable interwiki/interlanguage links for non-wikia Uncyclopedias
    current workaround: None
  • Editlinks [] removed; MediaWiki namespace page to enable them adds them twice
    current workaround: Disable them and add them manually with css (only implemented on monobook skin; doesn't work in IE)
  • Save button in preferences is a really weird shape
    current workaround: Manually resize it or something
  • Refused to enable Vector skin
    current workaround: Style one of the monobooks into Vector with hacky combination of css and js (caused numerous other issues, especially on IE and Firefox)
  • Saving pages causes either the server to close connection or try to send an 'index.php'
    current workaround: Ignore it, go back, and click on the nstab to get to the usually saved page
  • Attempting to log in results in failure, something about the login being cancelled to prevent session hijacking
    current workaround: Try again
  • Broken redirects report is full of now namespaced pages
    current workaround: Don't use the broken redirects report

Issues with suitable workarounds
  • Galleries retain Oasis elements in other skins
    workaround: Remove them manually with css
  • Added icons to monobook editlinks
    workaround: Manually remove them with css
  • Made nonexistent categories show up as blue linkes
    workaround: Manually style them as red links
  • Installed code for API search extensions; never enabled it
    workaround: Enable it manually
  • Ratings never worked right in the first place
    workaround: Disable them

Resolved issues
  • Wouldn't create new namespaces with pages already there
  • Oasis header formatting applied to all skins
  • Newly deleted pages not protectable
  • Newly deleted pages still showed up as blue links
  • A broken collar bone
  • Purging did not update scripts
  • <choose> hook removed
  • Image thumb functionality removed
  • Resized images failed to scale upwards
  • Imagemap quit working
  • Removed/broke/changed jQuery such that everything using it quit working

Other stuff
  • Wikia has a history of approaching non-Wikia Uncyclopedias and trying to procure them... what exactly this has/does entail and what the extent has been/is bears investigating.
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