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Xeyes eyes
Xeyes as they appear in modern window managers.
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Xeyes is an advanced piece of surveillance software developed in the 1980s by the CIA to spy on users of various Linux distributions and other Unix-type systems.

Unlike most spyware applications, xeyes does not attempt to hide what it is, overtly stating in the manual that "Xeyes watches what you do and reports to the Boss."[1] While few users ever actually read the manual, those that do invariably take this as a joke, since, as everyone knows, spyware does not work on Unix-type systems. It is probable that this fallacy was also propagated by the CIA in order to cover up the truth.[2]

edit Spinoffs

Gnome and Google sport xeyes prominantly as part of their own surveillance schemes.

  1. Seriously. [1]
  2. Though that's probably just what they want you to think.
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