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Never mind the rantative aspects of WIKIA SUCKS ETC, perhaps look at this practically... what would we need to have if we were to move?

  • Community consensus
Most folks are content to complain a little but largely ignore what Wikia does, especially since most of it does not, in fact, affect us, at least not after someone's cleaned up the spill over.
Staying with Wikia has definite boons:
  • Reliable servers
  • Quick support
  • Act as legal intermediary
  • Largely turn a blind eye to the more questionable things that go on here
Problems with staying on Wikia:
  • Declining technical support: Wikia is going in a social-networking direction, and Uncyclopedia uses the same software as the rest of it
  • Other things
People just don't see it happening.
  • Domains
A few floating around
  • Wikia has expressed a distinct disinterest in selling back the domain
  • Carlb holds keys to most of the others:,,, others; would probably at least redirect the appropriate things if asked
  • Other users hold a few others:,
  • Some random guy holds for unrelated purposes; doesn't use it
Domain registration cost is fairly small if name is unclaimed; negotiating trade of registered domain names can be much more
  • Hosting
Need dedicated server, and to be able to handle backups, etc. Would have to have someone set up the software and also people to maintain it in the long run...
Possible ways about this:
  • Get someone with a server to host for us
  • Rent out a generic server and build and maintain it ourselves
  • Find another company like Wikia to take care of the details
Costs: servers are expensive in general; cost of maintining wiki as well might be added
  • Funding
Presently have no real funds; probably the main thing standing in the way.
  • Could generate revenue post-move through advertising
  • May be possible to do actual fundraising, solicit visitors to donate through use of coordinated campaigns
  • Sponsors?
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