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The most photographed barn in America was originally a barn near the Grand Tetons whatchamacallit that has been subject, due to its extravagant mountainous backdrop, to a great deal of photographs. The sheer volume of these photographs in time turned instead the barn into an idea of a barn, notable not for why it is photographed, but for that it is photographed. The resulting phenomenon is that of people taking photographs of the barn being photographed, as well as or instead of taking photographs of the barn directly[1]. Subsequently others have also begun to photograph those photographing the photographers of the barn in an on-going elongation of the process of barn-photography that has become an increasingly popular subject amongst scholars, despite the original barn having been bulldozed to make way for a strip mall in 1993.

edit White Noise

Book noting blah blah blah. Scholars. Hitler.

edit Obligatory note regarding Hitler's dog

Can't mention that book without bringing this up, man.

edit Construction of the strip mall

By this time the focus had already moved so far up the tiers of photographing the photographing that those in charge of the project didn't realise that the now decrepit pile of slats was the barn in question.

edit Notes

  1. There is nothing hip about photographing a well-photographed barn.
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