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Mycetozoa Sporocarps Stemonitidae What

This is a perfectly ordinary slime mold, living, eating, sporating, and dying on a piece of wood.

Slime molds are not endeavouring to take over the world. There are no grand plots of power and subjugation, no hyper-intelligent masterminds masquerading as dog vomit, and no great armies gathering in the bog. There is nothing particularly unusual about the things; they are merely fungus-like protists, and for all their similarity to a horror out of B-grade science fiction, they comprise of some the simplest life forms on this planet. As such, slime molds are entirely incapable of the higher reasoning required to form, let alone pull off a world-domination plot, and indeed incapable any reasoning at all.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Slime mold.

edit Forms

There are essentially three forms of slime mold, all of which are completely harmless.

edit Life cycle

A typical slime mold will live, grow, eat, reproduce, move around occasionally, and die, although not necessarily in that order.

edit Intelligence

Slime molds are not intelligent.

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