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Security theater. The funny thing about it is that it is true. The 'theater' bit, that is, not the security. And I'm going to prove it. I am going to blow up an airport, you see, though for now I shant specify which; that give it all away, and it should be in the news soon enough. Maybe they'll even use it as an excuse to enforce more pointless precautions, but maybe not. Maybe they're not that stupid. One can hope, right?

But this, they don't even have precautions against this, and as odd as that might seem, how in the world could they? General places with lots of people: malls, theatres, plazas, halls, offices, airports, anywhere people gather. Proper places, they're all on the ground, of course, and they're all fairly open. Have to be, for folks to consider themselves any form of free, but is that not the crux of the matter? Sacrifice freedom for safety, or safety for freedom, and in the end, it is all a gamble either way. Sometimes folks lose. These will lose. Others will lose. Perhaps you will lose as well. I do know for sure that I have already lost, and long ago, and sooner or later, everybody loses.

Because everybody gambles.

edit Fear

If one wants to strike fear, they need only strike the gamblers themselves, and it does not matter where. The folks with the planes knew that, of course. The planes themselves were simply a means to an end, same as a carefully placed dose of rat poison is a means to an end. Yes, it went in his coffee, but the coffee was also merely a means to his end. There could have been so many other methods employed, but the one worked at the time. And now? So much fuss to get off the ground in security, and yet it's when folks are on the ground that they are at their most vulnerable, because that is where the methods all converge, regardless of what might work at the time.

edit Death

edit Pain

edit Freedom

edit The gamble

I already blew up my house on accident.

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