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Gregor Mendel was a friar most noted for his complete and utter misuse of monastery resources in the cultivation of excessive amounts of pea plants.

He originally started with rats, (collector hobby) but the smell was so terrible that the head monk guy had to make him stop even despite their most amiable relationship. So he switched to peas.

He had all the under-frair-lings do the work. They suspected something was probably up between him and the head monk guy, but said nothing in the hopes of having similar things between themselves and the head monk guy as well at some point.

Eventually he died, leaving behind more peas than any other man who had previously lived. Not knowing what to do with this enormous collection of peas, the underfrairlings burnt them. Good riddance, they said, being good and tired of cultivating peas to serve the mad old frair's obsession.

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