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I was giving it my all, rubbing her feet with the works, scented oils and fancy lotions and even cream, of all things. Started with a long soak, fancy footbath, the ingredients of which I'd found on some HowTo site and thought quite strange, but upon seeing it herself, she'd insisted upon it, so I went along and made the thing...

And she says she wants grapes.

edit What?

Grapes? I ask bemusedly, before realising she wants me to feed her some from the bowl on the nearby table. Honey, my hands are covered in foot!

Coming into this, I'd been more than a little concerned already - for all I knew, she'd find herself wanting more than a foot rub. Maybe put her toes in my mouth or something gross like that. I mean, I love the bitch, but she doesn't exactly clip her toenails very often, so I couldn't say I particularly liked the idea of that.


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