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hey all, did you know
that I am quite a writer?
with haiku poems?

I mean, look at this
it's too long for QDB
but hilarious --officer designate Club symbol Lugiatm Club symbol MUN NS CM ZM WH 12:32, 11 March 2007 (UTC)

[07:54] <GreaseMonkey>  ROTFL
[07:54] <GreaseMonkey> WTFLMAO
[07:54] <GreaseMonkey>  H4X0R
[07:54] <GreaseMonkey> a haiku
[07:54] * keitei hiccups
[07:55] <Lugiatm> it's 8
[07:55] <Lugiatm> W=2
[07:55] <Lugiatm> 3, even
[07:56] <Lugiatm> so 9
[07:56] <Lugiatm> you should just face it
[07:56] <Lugiatm> you are no good at writing
[07:56] <Lugiatm> refridgerator
[07:56] * Lugiatm does the haiku dance
[07:57] <GreaseMonkey> WTFLMAO is 7 characters
[07:57] <Lugiatm> yeah but it's 5-7-5 syllables
[07:57] <GreaseMonkey> in japanese a char is a symbol
[07:57] <Lugiatm> not characters
[07:57] <GreaseMonkey> *syllable
[07:58] <Lugiatm> maybe, but not in english
[07:59] <Lugiatm> wow,  #haiku is a channel
[07:58] * Now talking in #haiku
[07:58] * Topic is 'Haiku Tech Talk video - photos | | IRC logs: | |'
[07:58] * Set by ChanServ on Tue Mar 06 20:25:26
[07:59] * Joins: GreaseMonkey (
[07:59] <Lugiatm> hello everyone
[07:59] <Lugiatm> I am quite pleased to be here
[07:59] <Lugiatm> how are you doing?
[07:59] <GreaseMonkey> is this about some
[07:59] <GreaseMonkey> operating system called
[08:00] <GreaseMonkey> haiku-os or what?
[08:01] <Mitch_1_2> Haiku? A channel?
[08:01] <Mitch_1_2>  I have not seen that before.
[08:01] <Mitch_1_2> I don't think I will.
[08:01] <Lugiatm> I am quite confused
[08:01] <Lugiatm> is this channel not for these
[08:01] <Lugiatm> these haiku poems?
[08:01] * Joins: Spang (
[08:02] <GreaseMonkey> the japanese feel
[08:02] <GreaseMonkey> sad because this channel is
[08:02] <GreaseMonkey> just not poetic
[08:02] <Lugiatm> hello spang my friend
[08:02] <Lugiatm> welcome to #haiku channel
[08:02] <Lugiatm> make yourself at home
[08:03] <GreaseMonkey> i am trying to
[08:03] <GreaseMonkey> understand why there is a
[08:03] <GreaseMonkey> lack of poetry
[08:03] <Spang> Hi there #haiku chan
[08:03] <Spang> lovely room you have got here
[08:03] <Spang> I think I might stay
[08:03] <contestant> wow, it's 4AM
[08:03] <contestant> damn you daylight savings time
[08:03] <contestant> g'night everyone
[08:03] * Quits: contestant ( ("See, now you've gone and blown it up again. Aren't you proud?")
[08:04] <Lugiatm> there are lots of you
[08:04] <Lugiatm> yet nobody is talking
[08:04] <Lugiatm> what a shame that is
[08:04] * Joins: Lelldorin1 (
[08:04] <GreaseMonkey> welcome to #haiku
[08:04] <GreaseMonkey> we like you lelldorin1
[08:04] <GreaseMonkey> so welcome in here
[08:04] <Lelldorin1> hello all
[08:05] <Spang> Look, a visitor!
[08:05] <Spang> I wonder what he will write
[08:05] <Spang> Poetry, I hope
[08:06] <GreaseMonkey> What a friendly chan:
[08:06] <GreaseMonkey> Your silence is very nice,
[08:06] <GreaseMonkey> End of sarcasm.
[08:07] <Lugiatm> perhaps what we need
[08:07] <Lugiatm> is a point of discussion
[08:07] <Lugiatm> who likes playstation?
[08:08] <cps1966> cant get one here
[08:07] <Lugiatm> is haiku a distribution of linux?
[08:08] <Ritz-> were?
[08:08] <Lugiatm> because I'm in #haiku right now and only like 3 people are talking in 5-7-5
[08:08] <Ritz-> boy thats a big channel
[08:08] <Ritz-> *resists temptation to advertise*
[08:08] * Quits: DanT ( ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
[08:09] <Lugiatm> heh
[08:10] <Lugiatm> do you want to talk?
[08:10] <Lugiatm> well use zetaboards forums
[08:10] <Lugiatm> they are really great!
[08:10] <Ritz-> ?
[08:10] <Lugiatm> it's a haiku advertisement
[08:08] * Joins: Ritz- (
[08:08] <Spang> I like playstation.
[08:08] <Spang> I have many games for it.
[08:08] <Spang> No haiku games though :(
[08:09] <GreaseMonkey> Playstation is bad;
[08:09] <GreaseMonkey> It is made by the Sony,
[08:09] <GreaseMonkey> They are so evil.
[08:09] <Lelldorin1> Spang: create a emulator ;-)
[08:09] <Lugiatm> many greetings ritz
[08:09] <Lugiatm> what are you up to today
[08:09] <Lugiatm> having fun I hope
[08:09] <GreaseMonkey> Lelldorin1, right,
[08:09] <GreaseMonkey> We are going to teach you
[08:09] <GreaseMonkey> A little haiku.
[08:10] * Parts: Ritz- (
[08:10] <GreaseMonkey> It is quite simple,
[08:10] <GreaseMonkey> Five syllables, then seven,
[08:10] <GreaseMonkey> then five more, like this.
[08:10] <Spang> Hey, good idea!
[08:10] <Spang> I will create my own game!
[08:10] <Spang> What fun it'll be
[08:11] <GreaseMonkey> Spang: I have advice -
[08:11] <GreaseMonkey> Use Allegro, it's easy
[08:11] <GreaseMonkey> If you can program.
[08:11] <Lugiatm> we will all rejoyce
[08:11] <Lugiatm> and touch fists and drain our wine
[08:11] <Lugiatm> it will be awesome
[08:11] <Spang> Really our haikus
[08:11] <Spang> Are tributes to Sophia
[08:11] <Spang> Blessed may she be.
[08:12] <Lelldorin1> i remember there was a emulator at beos right?
[08:12] <GreaseMonkey> W W W, then dot,
[08:12] <GreaseMonkey> Allegro dot C C,
[08:12] <GreaseMonkey> Or join #allegro.
[08:12] <Lelldorin1> only at the beginning
[08:13] <Lugiatm> indeed they are, and
[08:13] <Lugiatm> flying spaghetti monster
[08:13] <Lugiatm> we can't forget him
[08:13] * Joins: Mentifisto (i=Loki@miranda/user/mentifisto)
[08:13] <GreaseMonkey> Lelldorin, what the--?
[08:13] <GreaseMonkey> You're breaking the atmosphere!
[08:13] <GreaseMonkey> Please stop doing that.
[08:14] <Lelldorin1>
[08:14] <Spang> Ah, the FSM.
[08:14] <Spang> His noodly appendage
[08:14] <Spang> Did touch me quite deep
[08:14] * Joins: GreaseBot (
[08:14] <Lugiatm> we speak in haiku
[08:14] <Lugiatm> not using one line of text
[08:14] <Lugiatm> yo, get with it girl
[08:14] * Parts: Mentifisto (i=Loki@miranda/user/mentifisto)
[08:15] <BePhantom> this channel is not about poetry, go to
[08:15] <BePhantom> :-)
[08:15] <GreaseBot> I will only log.
[08:15] <GreaseBot> It is quite nice to watch this;
[08:15] <GreaseBot> It's better than sex.
[08:15] <Lugiatm> wait... does spang even
[08:15] <Lugiatm> use linux as an os
[08:15] <Lugiatm> I am not too sure
[08:16] <GreaseMonkey> Another Linux OS?
[08:16] <GreaseMonkey> Or it's something different?
[08:16] <GreaseMonkey> I will find out now.
[08:17] <BePhantom> not another linux ;-)
[08:18] <GreaseMonkey> It looks pretty nice,
[08:18] <GreaseMonkey> Knowing it is not Windows.
[08:18] <GreaseMonkey> I encourage you.
[08:18] <BePhantom> no another OS ;-)
[08:18] <BePhantom> not*
[08:19] <Lugiatm> but sources are open
[08:19] <Lugiatm> and it looks rather basic
[08:19] <Lugiatm> just to let you know
[08:20] <GreaseMonkey> But how can it be,
[08:20] <GreaseMonkey> It will be a BeOS clone,
[08:20] <GreaseMonkey> With its own BB.
[08:20] <Lugiatm> it looks linux-y
[08:20] <Lugiatm> what exactly has changed
[08:20] <Lugiatm> from linux OS?
[08:21] <Lelldorin1> linux?
[08:22] <Lugiatm> so, how much longer
[08:22] <Lugiatm> do you think we can keep up
[08:22] <Lugiatm> in the #haiku chan?
[08:22] <Lugiatm> indeed, my fingers
[08:22] <Lugiatm> are hurting me from counting
[08:22] <Lugiatm> many syllables
[08:22] <BePhantom> are you guys stoned?
[08:22] <GreaseMonkey> Why, a fool indeed!
[08:22] <GreaseMonkey> You will feel the wrath of Tux,
[08:22] <GreaseMonkey> With his great belly.
[08:23] <GreaseMonkey> Please, look up "Haiku",
[08:23] <GreaseMonkey> Under wikipedia,
[08:23] <GreaseMonkey> Do you get my drift?
[08:23] <Lugiatm> "HA!" he will bellow
[08:23] <Lugiatm> as he crushes you under
[08:23] <Lugiatm> his mighty flipper
[08:23] * Joins: PulkoMandy (
[08:23] <GreaseMonkey> We do not get stoned,
[08:23] <GreaseMonkey> We know our limits, and that's
[08:23] <GreaseMonkey> Only three a day.
[08:25] <Lugiatm> yes, of course we do
[08:25] <Lugiatm> do you not watch the adverts?
[08:25] <Lugiatm> alcohol - know limits
[08:25] <Lugiatm> even though we are
[08:25] <Lugiatm> talking about drugs right now
[08:25] <Lugiatm> but drug haikus = hard
[08:25] <GreaseMonkey> Our only real drug
[08:25] <GreaseMonkey> Is Uncyclopedia,
[08:25] <GreaseMonkey> and maybe kittens.
[08:26] <Lugiatm> I am high on life
[08:26] <Lugiatm> and maybe a little speed
[08:26] <Lugiatm> but not really though
[08:27] <GreaseMonkey> Drugs have such long names,
[08:27] <GreaseMonkey> some are seven syllables,
[08:27] <GreaseMonkey> or exceeding that.
[08:28] <Lugiatm> like metamorphine
[08:28] <Lugiatm> that is a quite long drug name
[08:28] <Lugiatm> it may be fiction
[08:28] <GreaseMonkey> We can do some more,
[08:28] <GreaseMonkey> Until it is my bedtime,
[08:28] <GreaseMonkey> Then it's off to BASH.
[08:29] <GreaseMonkey> To all our only friends,
[08:29] <GreaseMonkey> If you can write some haiku,
[08:29] <GreaseMonkey> then listen to me.
[08:29] <Lugiatm>  but they will never
[08:29] <Lugiatm> take such a long quote
[08:29] <Lugiatm> do we cut it down?
[08:29] <Lugiatm> perhaps we should
[08:29] <Lugiatm> include only the best ones
[08:29] <Lugiatm> like the flipper one
[08:30] <GreaseMonkey> Ooh, sorry, nighty,
[08:30] <GreaseMonkey> I have to go to sleep now,
[08:30] <GreaseMonkey> Goodnight everyone.
[08:31] <Lugiatm> well goodnight monkey
[08:31] <Lugiatm> I hope you have a nice sleep
[08:31] <Lugiatm> see you tomorrow
[08:31] * Quits: GreaseMonkey (

and one day my kids
will ask me "daddy... what's haiku?"
and I will tell them --officer designate Club symbol Lugiatm Club symbol MUN NS CM ZM WH 12:32, 11 March 2007 (UTC)
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