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Lucyfer has no longer wished to make articles, here on Uncyclopedia. Why? Because he has a life, and is not going to waste it no longer making useless articles on this site; instead though, wasting his entire life watching funny internet videos on YouTube. However, he will definitely edit articles and do some Pee Review on various articles.

Lucifer's friend

Hello, everybody. My name is Lucyfer and this is my brain dissabled and dimented friend, Waldo (pernounced according to him as "Wlado". He gets pissed off every time I say Waldo). We are the first ever duo contributers as one account on Uncyclopedia, and we make articles that will be fun for everyone (at the age of 18 and up). Paroding topics that deal with all things taboo, corperate scams, idiot civilians, and off-the-wall sexual puns in a more abstract and serial way; rather than a conventional, more typical "Uncyclopedian" way.

For those of you all who think that I'm Lucifer only to change the i into y, I want you to all know that I am NOT related to that man. For he is nothing but the devil's puppet, where as I am the master of the devil. Crude irony isn't it? Don't get the joke? Then screw you!

Oh, and for the people of UnSignpost wanting to give me some mail, please add it right here.

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