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Errrrrr... Hi there. It's only slightly creepy that you're on this page...
So basically-
I'm female and from Minnesota...I think that sums it all up nicely, right?
I don't often go on here anymore, being as I suddenly found I had a life [golly gee!] [I'm not putting down uncyclopedia down here, I turn to it for ALL of life's answers...but it seems as if coming here takes away what little time I have.] Actually, I never really went on here that often anyways [oops.] I did one article then realized I really didn't have a single creative fiber in my body [the article in reference has now been nicely re done using some of the concepts I came up with...and a heckuva lot more I didn't...
I just tried to sum something up in one sentence...and failed.
Pleasant, day, isn't it?

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