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The original manuscript of Fisher Price as written by me.

“Go eat shit fuckers”

On November 1, 2005, I decided to log on to Wikipedia. While surfing through multiple categories, I had found a link to Wikipedia's Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense. The link had led to their article on Uncyclopedia. Upon learning its URL, I decided to pay Uncyclopedia a visit. I had an extreme urge to vandalize something upon reading an article on You. Offended, I decided to write an article about Fisher Price. I had recently been fired from there after they demoted me for letting a razor blade get into a toy train. I had then formulated my scheme to deface the reputation of Fisher Price, and vandalize Uncyclopedia. After 2 hours of previewing the article, I had decided to write only four words, "go eat shit fuckers."

It was in January 2006 that I once again came across Uncyclopedia. I had created one user account, which had then been banned for a week for blanking Euroipods, which was subsequently protected. Another account was banned for a month for ban evasion. It was then that I created my account as Lstarnes.

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