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This page is a log of important activity on Uncyclopedia's IRC channels (#uncyclopedia amd #unnews).

edit Archive #1

<Lstarnes> Hello e|m|c
<e|m|c> Yo.
<Lstarnes> yo
<zombieninja666> gliberfloo
<Lstarnes> So, you got FFS'd
<e|m|c> Indeed I did.
<Zombiebaron> Lstarnes: click that link
<Zombiebaron> ;)
<Braydie> 42 words
<Braydie> come on
<Lstarnes> Oh, you SUCK
<Zombiebaron> Brayde: just copy and paste from a novel
<Lstarnes> Not funny.
<Lstarnes> I am recording this.

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