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edit Homedale

It was once thought that the birthplace of tacos and burritos was Mexico, but in fact was created in a little town in Idaho by the name of Homedale. The only actual reason people send there kids there it play football of all things. One principle said that they were proud to be principle of a school where the students only use drugs to improve their athletic performance, that to get high of feel better. With football being the primary concern of the school, the other departments such as the english and science departments are slipping. Lady Gaga said that she was outraged by the lack of disciple going on and replaced Mike Williams as the principle of Homedale High School and president of the town. She is currently having the students work on a musical version of Bad Romance, Paparazzi, and Poker Face ;)

edit HHS

Homedale High School is a cesspool of miscreants and people who resemble Grouch Marx. There are the few outliers that create a bit of disorder. The main club that congregates around the outside lunch tables is the Chess Nerds. Over by Teacher Lori Harrison's greenhouse are the weirdo's, and i use that term loosely, who spend their time making out. It is a sight that just makes you want to turn the hose on them. One student in Harrison's greenhouse class once asked where she could get some pickle seeds because she wanted some sweet gherkins.

edit Some Problems

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