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edit Two Friends

A friend and I were scouring the internet for things we could amuse ourselves with whilst bored, and stumbled upon the joyous page that is uncyclopedia. You see, as people who enjoy the odd chuckle, we found ourselves laughing away at the unparalleled funniness of this site.

edit The Idea

We decided, upon the spur of the moment, to write an article. We were feeling rather amusing, so we decided it best to see what we could come up with. Hence, our first page gubbins was born. We haven't really dabbled too much in the fields of comedy OR internet before, bar the few trips to myspace we made. But, whilst high on puppy fumes, this seemed like the best idea (making an article, I mean, not smoking puppies).

edit The Future

We hope to make more contributions to this site in the future, and look forward to anyone reading one of our articles.

Peace. Lordofgubbins 13:13, 28 March 2008 (UTC)

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