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The Bazooka Code was inspired by Biblical writings, contained in the book of Jim 3:24. It was rumored that in the early 1st century b.c., christian scholars stormed the city of Jerusalem with a sort of crude rocket launcher. These "Bazookas" were the leveling weapon of its time period.

edit History

Bazooka, also known as Bazooka Code was invented in the late 1070's. The code was established as a means to handle internet attacks in the early days of the web.It has been estimated that the Bazooka Code has killed as many as twenty-five thousand trouble internet users since its humble beginnings. The landmark 1989 supreme court discussion, Wiki Admin vs. Fuckwad set a precedence of killing a unsuspecting 10 year old vandal. This would be upheld as a justified homicide in the eyes of the court with a 6-1 decision. Since then the Code has brought an end to many attacks.

edit Structure

The code itself is very complicated in the fact that is has the ability to turn the host computer into a class II explosive device. The code disguises itself as a instant message from a hot schoolgirl. The reply from the suspected vandal arms the computer depending on the offense. This retribution is set by the administrator on duty at the time. Armament can be any where from a simple electrical shot (seldom used setting) to a small thermonuclear bomb. The later setting is used mostly in cases where a committee of admins decide the user and their immediate families no longer need to exist. in the case of a I.P. address in Maine in 2007 the problem account caused a flame war over copy-write infringement was baited into a reply by a admin posing to be a midget transvestite. the admin triggered the system to arm I.P. addresses for 23 city blocks around the suspected vandalize. At the stroke of midnight an entire small town was eliminated. This would mark the first case of admin abuse of power. Though many felt the attack to be justified, public outcry temporarily halted the practice.

edit Comeback


If you get this message you are already dead!

In 2010, a new committee was formed to regulate internet policing. This group would have powers to eliminate people without retrobution. The newly formed society of expert admins can now kill any vandal in seconds. The new Bazooka Code 2.0 is highly improved as it is stored as a cookie on the computer and all sites acsessed by the user. In the following days it will also set the primers in all computers that user acsseses in the future. as soon as the set number of computers are armed they will all detonate. This will be the first positive step towards internet peace.

edit Spam Variant

Some e-mail providers such as AOL and Yahoo have begun targeting spam sites as well to make e-mail worth using again.

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