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Lord Castabarus, often abbreviated as Lord C, is a British Citizen and all round Racist, arrogant bastard who hates Poland. He writes scripts for his website known as Cybus Net. He hates the Government and Police force, and thinks they should all die in a hole.

edit Early Life

Lord Castabarus was born on Gallifrey, a yet-to-be-discovered island just off the coast of Scotland. His Mother was a heroin addict and his father died saving his right testicle from being eaten by a giant pole, which is believed to be the reason he hates Poland. Early myths suggest he had a tanned cock.

edit School Days

Lord Castabarus was bullied in school, by a boy named Jay Pest (who now works as a studio artist for porn movies). Lord Castabarus often dreamed of blowing up his primary school, which he eventually did, and somehow got away with it. There have been reports of a teacher called 'The Worm' who died during the explosion, but apparently still haunts Lord Castabarus.

edit The Rise Of A Bastard

Lord Castabarus attended Arch-Bishop School for Muslims & Polskis, his foster family forced him too according to the Bayeux Tapestry. Lord Castabarus, after 4 years of attending the school, realised it has a massive Polski problem, which was solved when he discovered the name of the school.

The rest, it seems, has not been written....

edit Side Notes

Don't use my Talk Page, it's where I rant about Admins putting shit on my page, and that is unfortunately it's only purpose now, up until such a point they stop putting shit on my Talk Page, then normal service will resume.

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