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The Cypher
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A symbol of hope for all of human kind. And badgers.
Born I was born? I never knew...
May 21, 1899 (1899-05-21) (age 116)
The Citadel, Gallifrey
Died I will never die. Hah!
Nationality English
Other names Let me think... "THEKILLER7777", "The Professional", "The Meddler", "Lord Castabarus", "King of the Badgers"
Occupation Chief Know-It-All
Years active My sex life is none of your business!
Known for Practically everything.
Notable works Too many. I've lost count.
Political party UK Independence Party
Religion None (Or for those who literally need a link for religion, click here)
Partner Captain, wait. Jaymee Hooke. She is basically my equal on this miserable planet.

The Cypher, often abbreviated as Cypher, previously known as Lord Castabarus (but can't change his username) is a British citizen, geek, writer, computer genius, sci-fi nerd. He writes fan fictions usually about Doctor Who, the universe and his mates. The Cypher has a large sense of humour and gets the most out of his comedy by trolling. In the past, he has been an irritable old man, but as he has got older, he has matured and..well, become younger.

edit Early Life

The Cypher was born on Gallifrey, a yet-to-be-discovered island just off the coast of Scotland. His Mother was a heroin addict and his father died saving his right testicle from being eaten by the Loch Ness Monster. Early myths suggest he had a tanned penis.

edit The Return

In March 2015, The Cypher returned to Uncyclopedia. After 2 previous years of immaturity, he was finally ready to create banter..

edit Noob of the Moment

On 3 April 2015, The Cypher was nominated Noob of the Moment by SPIKE. The Cypher was honored to receive this nomination, and his efforts to create more banter continued.

NOTE TO SELF: This is in need of a SERIOUS re-write.

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