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“I Have your weapons”
“My masterpiece”
~ Hideki Motosuwa on CLAMP School
“She is too intelligent”
~ A certain chess player CLAMP School
“Prepare for Jihad.”
~ CHI Chobits

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Chobits (ちょびっツ, Chobittsu) is a Magical android constructed by the CLAMP in the CLAMP School Mecha Science Department.

This weapon was made by Hideki Motosuwa(Graduate Master of Mecha Sciences).and it is a personal computer with a human form. He names her CHI or It means "Chop Hurt Inquisize. She used to be with Japan';s Elite forces but sadly she transferred to Osama's Lair. so a new project was constantly going on called Project FREYA.

CHOBITS became he most feared and the most popular military feats ever. That it became a Children bed-time story.

Unlike other Anime stories. CHOBITS does not follow the ordinary robotic style that americans usually do in what we call as animation. other racists seem not believe that she is not a rastafarian.


This andriod robot is jealous of CHI WE'LL this is a prototype verion of the CLAMP persocoms.

And a children manga adaptation and a Propaganda-tankobons was even made and it has the title Chobits:The true story of a real fake.

edit Morphology

She is a computer who looks like a pretty human girl. Hideki Motosuwa designed her to be cute so that the enemy will be enticed her with her beauty then your Bait. Hideki Motosuwa told the what is so called CLASSIFIED INFORMATION in his blog which follows.

On the same day when Hideki Motosuwa leaked military information to the internet. This is the time when he died because of Death Note.

We'll it was written on the death note that he will pass away so that CHI may live. We'll he knows the weakness of CHI. It is also known that CLAMP owns a Death note.

edit CHI : Anatomy

  • Processor: Intel Core Quad 7.8 Ghz (x4).
  • Memory: 2 Kingston PC-800 4 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 2 Seagate 720 GB Hard Drives.
  • OS: Windows Vista.
  • Left Arm Weapon: Android 47 Cal. AK-74 embedded in Arm.
  • Right Arm Weapon: M18 Grenade Launcher.
  • Skin Type: Kevlar.

CHI recharging herself on top of a electric pole when she almost ran out of power.

edit Limitations

Despite her nature as an highly advanced weaponry, there are still things that Chi cannot do. These range from simple set backs such as the inability to produce offspring, to the more deleterious inability to have sexual intercourse. This is because the location of her power switch is in her vagina(which is her weakness point. Because of this, even if Chi is in love with her creator Hideki she cannot have a sexual relationship with him since that will cause her to restart, reformat, and lose all of her memories with him. However, Hideki says that this will not stop him from loving Chi.

Finally when Hideki arrives on the scene, Chi explains that only the one for her is ever allowed to come inside, and teaches him what she means by using his hand. Aside from having a weakness in her sensitive spots. Hideki has a back-up USB of CHI's Memories.

edit The Treason of CHI

CHI has entered many battlefields and has seen many battles yet nobody has ever layed a bullet on her. Until somebody kicked her on her tender parts. She kind ah' Reformatted. Then the terorrist tricked her by telling her that she is a jihad. Then Japan started to fear the Osama Bin Laden's Stolen weapon.

edit Project Freya

Freya was the Chobit CHI 2.0 by Ichiro Mihara who graduated (Doctorate in Mecha Sciences) in CLAMP School. Freya was created to delete CHI, because she was unable to bear children of her own. It is still under Construction and Ichiro Mihara is planning to give a M-1 GARAN rifle on her right arm.

edit Concept of Chobits PLAN B "Freya"

  • WHAT:Retrieve or Eliminate PROJECT CHI
  • WHO:CHI and the AL QUAEDIA.
  • WHEN:As soon as possible

edit The propaganda Adaptation

Chobits project has been a popular project since it was leaked by Hideki Motosuwa. CLAMP has also resulted in making propaganda tanko-bons in responce for this incident. As of 2008, This story has sold over 100,000 copies in the world and it is a favorite children bedtime stories. These have been subjected to be for sale in the Area 51.

edit The Story

This story ridicules Hideki Motosuwa and his un-ending quest for the knowledge in Physics and in the world of Computers. As he creates the Project CHI. He fell in love with his own project that he costume-raped her.

Chobits:The Manga adaptation was about the true story of a real fake named Hideki Motosuwa. It talks about his childhood when he keeps on lying when he was childhood. He lied to his classmates about that his refrigerator was a secret portal to another universe. Then his classmates believed in him that on the night ,the people sneeked in to their house and went inside the refrigerator. Sadly, The refrigerator was protected by time delay locks that they died frozen Then the latter part of the story. The mother of Hideki Totosuwa, who was blind but good at cooking. wondered why a lot of cattle goods are stored on the refrigerator. Engrossed by the point, His mother prepared a feast and unconciously invited some guest like Goerge W. Bush & CLAMP. The guest were so engrossed with their beef steak that Agent X11 went to Hideki Motosuwa's room since she smelled something.

  • In Hideki Motosuwa's room X11 discovered that he has special powers so on that night.

hideki Motosuwa was kidnapped and was forced to enroll at CLAMP school.

  • On CLAMP school we'll he did good. And he invented CHI out of useless medical apparatuses

and what make him fake is that CHI is not from genuine materials.

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