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Notice: I am NOT the Lon Vom who resides in Bakersfield, CA. I would appreciate if you cretins would stop emailing me.

A Quiet Genius'

Not since the likes of Aristotle, Goethe, Leonardo, or Thomas Jefferson has the world been privileged to witness a living Renaissance man. Lon Vom is that Renaissance man.

Lon Vom, polymath extraordinaire, is known to some in the business world as “The Man for All Seasons” due to his incredibly diverse knowledge of the legal, financial, marketing and public relations framework that guide an organization generating profit. Furthermore, Mr. Vom taught himself various computer programming languages “just to see what those guys in IT really do”. According to Vom, “Visual C++ was supposed to be very difficult to learn. It was actually very easy. Then they introduced .Net and that was supposed to be hard. It wasn’t Eventually, I had to get back to real work.”

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