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Ah, man. Is it always four years? I thought the world was gonna end in 2008 when my parents told me in '04, and... the same thing in 2000, but hey. I've got a gut feeling that it's gonna actually happen in 2012. What do you think?

Wait... I got nothing. Someone help me out here?

edit This is really exciting!


Note to self: Do not piss God off. That dude can be quite a prick.

I really, really want this one to go right! I've been betting on the apocalypse since I was six years old! Damn, I remember back in first grade I bet 500 bucks on Doomsday and Dylan Fundman laughed at me for being a Communist. Don't see what that has to do with the apocalypse, though.

But Jesus, you have to wonder, what shit's gonna go down? I am a little worried, I mean, what if it hurts, like a fire or something? Or what if it takes too long, like a flood? Or what if that bastard Dylan Fundman laughs at me again for being a Communist? I hate his Capitalist ass. Communism is great!

But still, trust me, cause it's gonna happen. One way or another. I can see it. Don't believe me? Let's flash forward to December 21, 2012. BOOM! or FLUSH!, or whatever.

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