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Repo Man
Directed by Alex Cox
Starring Emilio Estevez
Harry Dean Stanton
Tracey Walter
Edge City
Release date(s) March 2, 1984

Repo Man is a 1980s cult classic about the adverse effects of cocaine on a young man's senses.

Repo man opening


The film opens with a state policeman being fryed by a suspiciously deranged German man. It then cuts over to young Otto (Emilio Estevez, best known for being Charlie Sheen's less talented brother), hard at work at a Los Angeles, California-area grocery story. Otto, who appears to have a brain tumor, randomly punches out his supervisor, ending his days at Safeway.

Punch out

Otto seconds before popping his supervisor.

Without a job and with a potential lawsuit hanging over his head, Otto starts roaming the streets of Los Angeles, until, surprisingly enough, he comes across a black man stealing a car. The African American in question informs Otto that he is a repo man, therefore making it legal for him to jack the red Lamborghini. He also invites Otto to ride with him over to the repo office, beginning a series of windshield shots that will not end until the credits roll.

Otto and Lite in Repo Man

Welcome to Los Angeles:Where we steal your lambo and wear cool shades

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