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Gandhi studio 1931 Gandhi protects this article!
Vandalism will result in you being Yoga Blasted by HIM!
NIT Jalandhar
We are better than IIT!
Motto हिटलर नमस्तुभ्यम्॥ (Hail Hitler)
Established 1193 AD
School type Minor Cramming Establishment
Head Mahadolf Gandhitler
Location Pripyat, Georgia SSR, Germandia
Campus Urban, Spread over 1160 acres (165 in the Communist International Offices
Enrollment Three nillion and counting
Endowment INR 1.99
Faculty None
Mascot Tony Stark

NITJ or Nazi Institute for Treatment of Jews, also Not an Institute of Technology Jalandhar or NIT Jali (also known as NIT Jail) is a Nazi concentration camp located in Munichstan, Germandia. Set up first by Mahadolf Gandhitler in 1935, it is the oldest concentration camp still in operation.

NITJ is a leading premier center of excellence in engineering and technology to produce technical manpower for Europe and the US of A. The Institute offers BTech (Bullshit Technology) programs in all disciplines of engineering. The Institute acquires a National character having 50% student intake of Ethnic Aryans, who learn to dominate and control the rest of the Non-Aryans/Black People from other states/union territories of the country.



A prof delivers the exam results to a student.

Allah's True Prophet Mahadolf Gandhitler, Piss Be Upon Him, envisioned an institution that would one day make sure the Indians would remain poor and miserable. This was to be done by performing psychological lobotomy on the more gifted Indians. They established NITJ for that purpose.

The institute provides engineering knowledge in many areas to its students:

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Biotech Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Computer Science

Industrial Engineering


While the faculty are provided bomb-proof military bunkers to save their asses from marauding students during the night, the students are provided with a hostel facility.

There are 8 male and 3 non-male hostels (please note: females are banned on campus). Each hostel consists of a huge hall, in which students are provided their own, personal cardboard boxes to rest, sleep, eat and study in. Comrade Trotsky, Chief Warden of the hostel, has taken care to provide only enough room for one person in the cardboard boxes to prevent any un-islamic sex between students. P.S. The students are referred to as "In-mates". No, really.




The chief sports activity in the institute is to masturbate to Justin Bieber and Katrina Kaif. The Main Gymnasium is amply stocked with steel dildos to facilitate the students' recreational activities.

The other activity is Hunt The Prof, played every five weeks whenever grades are displayed by the profs. It includes students precision-bombing the faculty housing using the in-house AC 130 Reaper, while some of the less ambitious seek out the profs to do them sexual favors for grades (Note: these people are known as number whores or grade whores).

Feasts on Campus

TechShiti: Also known as Kill the Jews, this feast is held each year on Adolf Hitler's birthday. People from all over the world (especially Palestine) converge on campus each year to see Green Berets, Spetsnaz, French Foreign Legion, Viet Cong, Sikh Regiment, SAS, GIGN-9 and Plain Guys from Montana armed with butter knives hunt and kill Jews, who are armed with toothpicks. Engineers are challenged to devise machines that can cook all these jews as quickly as possible. The winner is awarded a combination steel dildo and hand grenade. There is, of course, a feast involved at the end. Even you can guess what the main course is.

Utkansh:The anal, uh annual feast of NITJ, the attendance at this Feast is usually dull. Most people in attendance are usually software engineers and rich business fat cats. Hilarity ensued during the last feast, when someone added poison in the punch bowl, causing the know-it-all nerds and fatcats to die painfully in public view. It is expected that attendance this year shall be better, in hopes of such an incident to recur.

Student Activities





A. Your retarded ass can sign up.

B. Your juvenile center may transfer you.

C. You might show a positive effect to treatment at the Psychopath Support Center, and they'll send you over.

Why: Go to NITJ

A. You owe money to the mafia and need to act as a drug distributor.

B. You want to be an engineer

C. Your parents want you out of the house after you went black.

Getting Out Of NITJ


Getting the fuck out of NITJ

Notable Alumni


Jack Bauer's Gun is a notable alumni of NITJ.

'Nuff said.

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