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Please do not buy any lamp oil, rope or bombs.

YouTube Poop is a type of viral video usually made by N00bs and features sources that come from video games nobody gives a shit about, and old TV shows.

“Where there's smoke, they pinch back!”
~ Mario on YouTube Poop
“Join me Link, and you will face the greatest in all of Coridai, or else you will die
~ Ganon on Link
“LOLs omg weres dat snd from plz tell me i rofld so hard i shit mself”
~ N00b on Robotnik saying "pingas", which happens to sound like "penis"
“This page should have OVER 9000 views...”
~ Vegeta on Everything

edit What is a YouTube Poop?

YouTube Poops are edited comedy clips found on YouTube and they are film clips or movies that teenaged kids or young adults edit, the YouTube Poops get uploaded onto YouTube and watched by viewers all over the world. A YouTube Poop is never the original film or television show, it is always something someone has edited; for example, the sound and picture quality has been changed and has been replaced with different audio and computer effects. Many YouTube Poops use numerous repetions and they sometimes share a ridiculous plot. Most YouTube Poops are associated with The Legend Of Zelda, Mario, Sonic, 300 or Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends, and Arthur, there has been several other YouTube Poops based on other shows as well; besides, a Youtube Poop can be based on any show, just as long as it has been edited.

edit The disadvantages of a YouTube Poop

The majority of Youtube Poops are unsuitable for children because of the violence, bad language, drugs and sexual references they contain, too many parents banned children from watching them because of that. Another reason for the latter is because YouTube Poops have apparently been at a very high risk of copyright infringement, some YouTube Poops have been removed and deleted by YouTube critics because of that.

edit Origin

Some Chinese guy called Matt (AKA SuperYoshi) was bored of making wrestling videos with his friends, so he took his Mario TV show DVD and made this really unfunny video he called a YouTube Poop. See the first ever YouTube Poop here. Some more N00bs joined in and made more shitty videos. Unless you have an internet humour, then you will not get these videos. Most of the people that make these videos are perverted 12 year olds that pretend to be teenagers and since they have no friends, and they spend the day watching porn, they create stupid videos.

All YouTube Poops have to involve a kid's show somehow. People take a show like Arthur and add Mario, Zelda, and Sonic clips and fuck it up completely. The result is about 20 seconds of repeating the same thing, and shit.

edit WalrusGuy

WalrusGuy was the first guy who actually made his poops funny. In a way, he was the King...say, that reminds me, I wonder what's for dinner. I'll grab my stuff and go see...

(One month Later)

... Yeah, it was spaghetti... back to WalrusGuy. He was the saviour everyone had been waiting for. It all came crashing down when Colgate got mad at him for making a Dr. Rabbit poop. Colgate sued him, and he was sentenced to death. His final poop before his hanging is shown here.

He was hung the next day.

edit Very famous quoutes used or edited in YouTube Poops

Mario: It's nice of the princess to invites us over for a picnic, eh Luigi? (Pronounced Gay Luigi?)

Luigi: I hope she made lots of spaghetti!

Mario: Luigi, look!

(Mario points at a note on a gate and pulls it off.)

Mario: It's from Bowser.

(Mario reads the note that Bowser had left for him.)

Mario: "Dear pesky plumbers, the Koopalings and I have taken over The Mushroom Kingdom. The Princess is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Koopa hotels. I dare you to find her if you can." We've got to find the princess...

(Refering to you.)

Luigi: ... and you've got to help us!

Mario: If you need instructions about how to get through to the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction booklet.

Persian: This is Blasphemy! This is madness!

King Leonidas: Madness?

King Leonidas: (Yells) This is Sparta!

[Kicks the Persian into the death well!]

Dr Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see?!

Link: Gee, it sure is boring around here!

The King: My boy! (Pronounced Mah Boi!) This piece is what all true warriors stride for!

Link: I just wonder what Ganon is up too!

Ganon: Do you dare bring light into my lair? You must die!!

edit Theories

One theory claims that YouTube Poops are directed by the Tiny Toons cast, mainly by Plucky. AlvinYTP proved the theory to be true in the video below.

Youtube Poop - Plucky directs Faces of Evil05:16

Youtube Poop - Plucky directs Faces of Evil


Another theory came upon in 2007. Why were only Zelda, Mario and Sonic and others used for the main base of YouTube Poops, why? A theory came upon in 2009, that Weegee is dead, and was shot by Bowser. People started to play their YouTube Poop videos backwards, and heard messages such as if Gwonam's "again" is heard backwards, it could represent that possibly a black guy actually shot Weegee, or Bowser hired a black guy to do it. People also thought that this actually happened in 2007, but they never said anything about it, and promptly hired a replacment. Weegee dismisses this by giving a stare into the N00b's souls and making them asplode.

Weegee pee

Weegee is very much alive. And he doesn't want you to pee.

edit Final Word

For the final word, I'm letting Tobi Eckerberg, an 11 year old computer geek, to comment on YTP.

OMG i luv utube poop. anyone that hates it has probelms. bitches. u cn sucks that up bitch! cuz im cooler tan all of u. so get a lif bitch, dont be a n00b, u fukin n00bs! whoever thinks tat it isnt funnys gay. cuz i hav little sisters my best friend shes 5, and she can beat me in arm wrestling in one second. im going to assrape all of u noobs and when u comment on my stuff again im going to suk ur diks. im not 11, dumb n00bs! im 20! cant u see my maturity. cant u see thisis how a 20 yr old acts? all of u can suk my dik. utube poop is teh greatest man. haha lols mama luigi tats sooo funny! mah boii i could say tat all day. i luv youtube poop. scuse me while i troll ppl on halo 3 now. bye.

Tobi contributes to Encyclopedia Dramatica regularly, and has created this article while there.

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That's mama Luigi to you, Mario!

No! Not into the pit! It buuuuurnns!

This is illegal you know!

This is Sparta!

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