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There is an elephant in the way is a mathamatical term discovered by Proffeser D.P. Assassina in 2007. It is the proper answer to many algebra fomulas.


The discovery of the math term.


A girl was doing a test one day and she came upon the question of A 3kg object comes across on...ZZZZZZZ. Apparently it was really uninteresting. Then she discovered that if the elephant in the way,there would be no answer. Thus making her answer correct. However, her teacher, who was not at all popular, marked the answer wrong. Nobody really cared as much because it was not at all famous. YET.

Getting Famous

The girl's father, Prof. Dennis Patrick Assassina, was looking through his daughter's schoolbag. He discovered the test. Every answer was apparently right except for that one. He studied the answer for a while. And he discovered it was right. "This could change mathamatics. This can change everything. This is madness. THIS IS SPARTA!"

At approx. 2 p.m. in the afternoon, a meeting was held the next day. The answer to the question was formally changed. The girl's teacher got sick and died. But nobody cares.

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