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edit Paragraph 1

Happy kids

this is th stereotiep of childrin wich is not gud

i was reding the internet the oter dai an i was syocked ove how peepul fink 5 yeer ods are stoopid but actualee my mum saeys that i am veri clevr so tat meens yuor the stopid wons so shot up abowt 5 yer olds or you wil luk stuped yureslf becuase the peepol ho say tat aer probaly 80 owe sumthink

edit Paragraph 2

Meldrew main 203

Back in my day, we didn't have image macros!

Hey you, young whipper-snappers! Back in my day, we didn't have Uncyclopedia! And sandwiches only costed 10p! Sure we where in rationing, but at least we had respect for our elders! (Because they abused us until we Obeyed!) now we have Council Housed And Violent youth! what a disgrace! Back in my day, we didn't have Vandals! they got out their fancy paint-cans and ruined my feckin' house!



edit Paragraph 3

Blurg! Blaarg! Bluououououououo!!!! My life sucks BAAA! BA! BAAA! BEEHHH!!!! going to slit my wrists how Glugh Gaa! Ble Bagh Blu you feel about that???!!! T_T BEEH! BLAHHHH! BAUAUAUA!!! I'm so sad right now will anyone talk to me Blub BLub Blorg!!!!!!! BAAAH! BAAAAAAAH! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! BAH BEH BAH BEH BAAA!


Blugh Blub Blooog!!!!

Girl Raped, Bitch!

Why did you break up with me??? I'm going to kill myself!

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This article needs to be expanded.
Tis articel iz a BAAAAA!!!! BAAAH!!!!! BAA! You whipper-snappers better Bluurg!!! Blog! Blooouuurg! T_T I'm so sad it's a stub!
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