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The Admins and the Users

The poster for the musical.

The Admins and the Users: A Two Part Musical

edit Act One

edit Scene One

Location: Admin's shadowy lair

Skully (ordering from a Starbucks): One small latte, and a egg florentine sandwich. $ 8.50? Yes okay. May I have the reciept? I'll charge it to uncyclopedia's secrete revenue stream. Okay, thank you.

L.J.: Somebody likes Starbucks.

Skully: It's really just calm me down.

L.J. (while gulping down a bottle of whiskey): Hmph, theres only one thaing that will calm us down.

(Lyrithya enters)

Lyrithya: Whew! What an exhausting afternoon! Cake. (silence as waiter ignores her). CAKE! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!

L.J.: You're telling me. What happened out there?

Lyrithya: Some blanker was on the loose. And I had to huff 19,000 VFD articles. The singing muffins can sing for only so long, you know. It was funny the first three dozen times.

Skully: Just a sec, i'm on my Sysoplet.

Lyrithya: CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (waiter starts to cut a piece of cake)

Socky (while walking in): A what?

Skully: You know, a special monitor that can do two things at once.

Socky: A bot?

Skully: No,it's in the shape of an iPad.

Socky: Oh. When do I get mine?

Skully: I already gave you it. It was in your uncyclopedia admin Christmas basket.

Socky: I like the Christmas basket. Those envelopes with $5 vouchers to the Bodyshop the "users" get, they are so lame. It was my idea to give them Bodyshop vouchers. What's doing on IRC?

Skully: Aw, Lollipop is irritating everyone again. I think he has even exausted his own patience. I'll quiet him down.

L.J.: The only way to get Lollipop to shut up is to put a wrapper on him! Hahahaha!

Skully (while high-fiving L.J.): Nice one, L.J. Hahaha. L.J. you are such a really neat guy.

Mordillo (whom all this time was sitting on the armchair reading the paper): Well, it seems I have to go. Wish me luck fellahs.

Chief: Good luck, Dillo.

(Mordillo steps out of the admin lounge onto the Recent Changes)

Mordllio: Everything seems under control here...and, what is that from the distance?

(Something hurling comes towards him)

Mordillo: I hope that's not who I think it is.

(The creature comes closer, revealing to be...)


(Mordillo tries to get away, but the sock slowly devours him one body part at a time)

Chief: I'll go see how Mordillo's doing...AAAAGGGGHHHHH!

L.J.: What happened?

Chief: Mordillo's been a Gomphog sock.

Skully: War to the users! War!

L.J.: War to all non admins!


edit Scene Two

Location: Uncyclosaloon

Aleister: Aah, what a ride, what a ride. We were almost killed. What did we do to deserve this?

Hyperbole (who happens to be the bartender): Can I fill up your drink Al?

Aleister: Hyperbole, are you still a bartender?

Hyperbole: Since getting dischagred as an admin work around here is tough, and besides, being around all you users is a pleasure!

Aleister: Aye, heck Hyperbole, you are a great guy to be around too.

(Magic man walks in)

Magic man: Hey Ali, you guys about to kiss or something?

Aleister: Magic Man!!!

Magic man: Ali!!!

(They break into song: My Buddy Aleister)

Hyperbole: You guys just sang a two minute song!?

Magic man: It's a musical, why shouldn't we?

Hyperbole: Ahh, well, because you shouldn't. And not in the Uncyclosaloon.

Aleister: Anyway, it's been so good to see you Magicman, how have you been.

Magic man: Pretty good. But the other day, I...I...

Aleister: C'mon bud, you can tell me.

Magic man: You know Another n00b?

Aleister: I've heard of him. Go on.

Magic man: The admins captured him.

Aleister: Really?

Magic man: Yeah, and...he's dead.

Aleister: No. Dead?

(Three shots ring out)

Aleister: Agh, it's the admins. HIDE!

L.J.: Hah, I see you IP's. Hey, 65.783.224.89, come out.

(65.783.224.89 comes out from hiding)

(L.J. shoots and kills 65.783.224.89)

65.783.224.90: Hey! You shot my brother!

L.J.: I also shot you.

(L.J. kills the other IP)

Magic man: Quick, Hyperbole, Aleister, onto my horse.

L.J.: Say goodbye to the Uncyclosaloon!

(L.J. throws grenade at Uncyclosaloon and blows up entire place. All IP's are killed. Except one.)

Last IP: I can't survive like this! I need to make a user account.

L.J.: Hah, I see you too!

(L.J. kills the last IP)

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