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The Simpsteins' is an American prime time show featuring a modern Jewish family in a Jewish town named Schprungfeld. The series was created by Moivich Gronenberg. The producers sued a similar show, The Simpsons, in 1999.

Jewish simpsons

edit Main Characters

Herschel J. Simpstein: Herschel works at a Nuclear power plant in Schprungfeld for Mr. Bernstein, the richest Jew. Herschel is very fat, and since he has a lot of money, he goes to a lot of places, and goes on trips all year round with his family.

Miriam Simpstein (nee Bouvitch): Miriam is the blue haired wife of Herschel. Miriam has two sisters named Paz and Sarah. Miriam is a housewife, and had three kids with Herschel.

Baruch Simpstein The troublemaking preteen son of Herschel and Miriam, goes to Schprungfeld Hebrew School. He is in Mrs. Krabovilich's class. His best friend is Matti Vanhoutenstein.

Levia Simpstein The precocious daughter of Herschel and Miriam, she gets straight A's in school because she works her tojas off, but in Season 11, she switched her religion to Muslim and everybody's pissed at her.

Moishie Simpstein The young daughter of the family, she is 1. She likes to suck on her dreidel and it gets reeeeeeally annoying at times.

Grampa Avihu Simpstein The father of Herschel, he is 70 something and he always moans. He was sent to live in a Jewish old folk's home.

David's Little Star The family dog, a greyhound. Herschel betted twelve bucks on him, but that's okay because they're Jewish, and David's Little Star is such a macher.

Matzo Ball II The family cat. There was originally another cat named Matzo Ball, but he got hit by an oncoming truck containing gefilte fish.

edit Recurring characters

Nadav Fleischman The extremely relgious neighbour of Herschel.

Moses Sizlovsky The local bartender who owns Moses' Bar, where Herschel goes.

Chu Ting Ho A Chinese immigrant who owns the local superstore Schpeedy-Mart.

Mayor Joseph Quimbich The greedy mayor of Schprungfeld. He likes to date blond Jews with big noses.

Rabbi Levijoy The local rabbi.

Krispy the Clown The anti- seminist Christian clown who Baruch likes to watch. Krispy's assistant is Schlideshow Malachi.

Schlideshow Boris Formely on Krispy's TV show, he got mad because Baruch found out he converted to Judaism, so they call him a 'pig'. He likes to try to kill the Simpsteins.

Keshet Brocovsky The news anchor.

Chief Caleb Weinstein The police chief of Schprungfeld.

Benjamin Gumberstein Herschel's friend, who likes to drink Kadem wine.

Lazar Levitch and Chayim Chayestein Herschel's two other friends. Chayim is actually a black jew, one of those that come from Lebanon.

Matti Vanhoutenstein Baruch's best friend. He is a Jewnerd.

Noah Molev The school bully. His catchphrase is CHHHHHHA-CHHHHHAW!

Rueban Weinstein The special hebrew boy. He always says stupid things: eg. "I lit the menorah with my penis ".

Chahem Moses Bernstein The richest jew, very rich. He is very greedy about his money and ownsa nuclear power plant. Oh, did I say he's rich and greedy?

Weisel Shmatheritz Mr. Bernstein's closeted gay assistant. He is hated by Rabbi Levijoy, as seen in the Season 5 episode "Oy! Shmatheritz's Closet Is Full of Levijoy!"

edit Cast

Robin Williams as Herschel Simpstein

Your Mom as Miriam Simpstein

Nick Jonas as Baruch Simpstein

Billy Elliot as Lisa Simpstein

Oscar Wilde as Moishie (sound effects)

June Foray as David's Little Star

<insert name here> as everybody else

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