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Robert Muncsh (1843- June 15th 2008) was the 13th prime minister of Canada. He was also known for writing really stupid and odd books. He also had bipolar.

“Robert Muncsh has a childish humor.”
~ Captain Obvious on Robert Muncsh
“And the creeeeeeaaaakkyyyy door went oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now i'm sad”
~ Robert Muncsh having his bipolar moodswings

edit Early life

Robert was born in an outhouse to a hooker. Robert became addicted to kitten huffing at age 5, which throughout his life damaged his stupid mind and make him write stupid books.


Robert Muncsh was the 16th Prime Minister of Canada. Or was it the 13th. Anyway, nobody can remember the prime ministers.

After sometime, Muncsh's addiction to kitten huffing came back, and he began writing stupid books.

In 1982, Muncsh shocked all kids when he put in his book, The Paper Fag Princess, "you are a bum and I will not marry a bum!"

“Like OMFG he said bum! thats a bad word! mommy hes a poopooface! nooooooo! pokemon and dragon tales are my favs ahhhhhhhh!”
~ Kids on Robert Muncsh
“And then they wiggly worm...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH....went into the hole and went cricky cricky cricky oh fuck I am so drunk ill go borther another little kid”
~ Robert Muncsh reading a book

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