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For Better or For Worse is a Canadian comic by Lynn Johnston ( pronounced Loon Joonston). It has been around for like 30 years. It lost the majority of it's readers when Lynn decided to start all over again.

Fbofw 3

HAHA LOL its funny because its true

edit Early Years

Lynn was born in a cold cottage somewhere in Yukon in 1940. In her childhood, she dealt with things like yelling in her brain tumoured friend's ear and killing her, and mooning her teacher and asking her "if she'd like a furry pussy for Christmas."

She then moved to the U.S. and married an American guy. Then after six months, they divorced. She already fucked him, and she had a son. She began to do comics which she gave to 864 cartoon syndicates until Bob's Cartoon Syndicate picked it up.

(Note: These books are for people that hate, and like to laugh at kids)

  • David, We're Pregenant A man gets a sex cange after he fucks his wife, and he beomes pregnant also.
  • Hi Mom! Hi Dad! A complete time waster. The plot is living with irritating babies.
  • Do They Ever Grow Up? 562 cartoons about stinky, sniffly, crying little kids. Lynn was high on coke when she drew this.

edit For Better or For Worse

Fbofw 1

Sometimes, Lynn confused her readers...

edit Characters

Elly Fatterson She is part elephant. She is also the son of a mentally retarded cow.

John Fatterson He is gay and he is brothers with Bil Keane. He likes to rape his kids

Michael Fatterson His catchphrase is "ma!" He married a transvestite and his son is Justin Bieber.

Elizabeth "Nizzie" Fatterson She tried smoking pot at age 15, and became an addict. She is also on LSD a lot, so she thinks her classmate, Anthony, is hot. She later married him and they have 5 brain damaged kids.

April "Ape" Fatterson She was concieved when Elly got drunk, and had sex with an ape at the local zoo. She attempted suicide to try to get away from her lame family, but the dog, Farley, saved her, before killing himself. She lives in the sewers.

edit Former Characters

Farley Farley was the dog in the comic. He had sex twelve times, most famously with the neighbour's dog "Sarah Palin". He commited suicide after saving April, by drowning himself. He went to Doggie Hell, because he had a hating for black men, and attempted to kill them.

Mr. B Liz bought this critter at the "Lexington Retarded Animals Auction", where Peter Griffin got that brain damaged horse. He died while chewing the city's main electricity plug.

Fbofw 2

Murder was a topic always in For Better or For Worse

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