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“Ethan Lo is a baller, an yet he is a dickhead too”
~ on Ethan Lo
“I like him”
~ Nobody on Ethan Lo
“ does not like him”
~ Captain Obvious on Ethan Lo

Ethan Lo is some unknown kid that does not like. It is unknown why Ethan Lo is unliked, probably Ethan does not like

edit Early Life and Death

Ethan Lo was born in a hut somewhere in Hong Kong. His parents didn't like him so they sent him to a foster home. The foster home didn't like him either so they told him to go away. Then, Ethan Lo felt depressed so he just died.

edit Comeback

Ethan Lo then rose from the dead, and as nobody cared, he went to the school of did not like Ethan Lo and his friends because nobody liked them. So made articles about Ethan Lo and his friends.

edit Aftermath

Roman Dog Bird, however, did like Ethan Lo. He banned for life and sentenced him to lifetime of listening to Carmelldansen on a tape loop.

Roman Dog Bird confirmed that he actually didn't like Ethan Lo either and that he actually didn't give a fuck about him, but that he didn't like Ethan Lo, so Ethan never got an article.

edit People who like Ethan Lo


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