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The S.S Freya Ingvild in all it's glory. (photo and caption courtesy of the Oslo Mærine Rescue Agency)

OSLO, Norway - A Northfolk Inline ship - The S.S Freya Ingvild, belonging to Jørgic Almundsson, has sunk at ten nautical miles distance from the shore later in the evening. There were only three survivors.

The Trondheim-bound ship had left the wharf around 1-30 pm. At ten nautical miles, the ship went headlong into a storm. The boat was severely damaged in the storm, took on water and sank, authorities said. One of the passengers last radio transmissions stated that they had spotted sea water seeping into the craft in a heavy flow.

Most of the bodies of the 573 passengers aboard the S.S Freya Ingvild, were found by state Wildlife and Fisheries agents the morning after debris and mutilated remains were reported near the small fishing village of Gloogenklen.

The 3 survivors were found a day later in a pub near the seabound town of Kristiansund, after a local reported a rescue vessel washed up near the town. The captain, Gotfriid Versmalson, was one of the survivors.

The local officials found the captain in the pub, cracking jokes and having a good time. Thinking he was in shock, Gotfriid was taken to Lady of the Sea General Hospital in Golden Meadow for a medical check.

According to our reporter, Gotfriid Versmalson had heard about the storm on the meteorological radio channel, at which point he "Got the hell out of there!". He said that he "packed my belongings and got out of there in the nick of time!". After hearing the warning message he admittedly went to the emergency rescue boat, but only after picking up two ladies from the lounge. "Well, I'm also just a human being, and if I have an advantage over other people when receiving these sort of messages then I handle accordingly" He stated. "I picked up those two dancers at the lounge so I wouldn't be lonely on the trip home". When asked if he didn't feel responsible for the passengers on his ship he reacted amazed, "No, I think everyone just have to look after themselves, I'm very happy I made this decision. From what I've heard it must have been hell out there, people were struggling for hours in the surge, with rescue helicopters unable to reach them due to the bad weather and all".

The rescue vessel could have contained 32 persons according to the ship specifications, when asked why the vessel wasn't filled he replied "It's not uncommon for panic to break out on such a vessel, people try to get the best seats, arguing over food, there's fear, shouting, crying, someone might have got hurt there!". He went on to say that "With the three of us it was quite safe, the amount of food on board was quite adequate as well".


A storm the likes of which we experience all the time.

There were also reports of people trying to climb aboard the rescue boat after the captain took off. When the captain was confronted, he stated "Yeah, well... When climbing aboard the boat some passengers got the feeling something wasn't quite right, so they jumped in the water and began swimming towards my raft". He later stated that he politely refused the swimming passengers entrance. Gotfriid Versmalsont is also a keen and passionate member of a marching band, and stated that "should my carreer in marine transportation end with this incident, I will go back to my marching band, the Mandelbrøt Fridenslag Kloft Teuters, but I see no reason why I should, I am a good captain, after all".

We at UN:News would like to convey our condolences to the families of the deceased passengers, among them Captain Gotfriid, whose doting parents, Frida and Hæns Versmalsont, also perished in the disaster.

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