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As some of you are undoubtedly aware, Uncyclopedia's Vector hack has many, many holes in it. (Some consider this a reason to move to the other Uncyclopedia, a stance that has some merit, but I for one quite enjoy the challenge of patching up code--at least on a good day.) User:Llwy-ar-lawr/uncyclopedia.css (up to the point where it says 'End Vector stuff') fixes many, if not most, of them, but there are others that can only be fixed either with Javascript or by changing the text of interface messages. Below is a list of such bugs.

  • 'History' tab should say 'View history' -- need to change MediaWiki:Uncyclopedia-view-history
  • 'Watch/Unwatch' tab should show a star rather than text--white for 'Watch', blue for 'Unwatch', and yellowish when hovered over. This ought to be doable with CSS, but I failed miserably--see the large block of commented out text.
  • Order of tabs on the right is backwards. This is presumably caused by floating them to the right (which is somewhere in Lyrithya's javascript) so I'm not sure how to fix it without pushing the tabs back to the left.
  • 'Read' tab is missing. This would be done with javascript; the gadgets for qvfd, ban patrol, etc could provide a starting point
  • 'Move' tab should be inside a dropdown
  • Section edit links should have brackets around them. This has already been done with CSS, but a better solution would be to delete MediaWiki:Editsection-brackets (and then, of course, remove the CSS).
  • '+' tab on talk pages should say 'Add topic'--MediaWiki:Uncyclopedia-action-addsection

And some stuff that isn't specific to Vector, but should be changed because Wikipedia does it that way:

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