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Banana slugs
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Llwy-ar-lawr is different things to different people. Some consider her[1] to be a generally decent person who does good stuff; others find her to be a nuisance, owing to her propensity for stumbling on undesirable situations and attempting to resolve them by means of objective, rational communication. She will refrain from describing herself on this page, as is the custom with such pages, preferring to let the reader fill her in with his imagination--though always willing to step in when his imagination leads him off a cliff.

This Llwy-ar-lawr character has managed to get away with making 1,193 edits to this wiki. Are they all vandalism? We will never know for sure.

  1. Spoons are feminine in Welsh, and Llwy-ar-lawr is obviously a spoon. This does not prove that whatever you were thinking is true.



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