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edit A Little Bit About Me

Hello everybody, my name is llihac12 and I'm quite new here on uncyclopedia and have been adopted by Ceridwyn. Though new, I have made three arcticles already; Veggie Tales, Skaters, and Shonen Jump. Want to know more about me? Read the list!

  • Age: Almost a teenager! ^_^
  • Gender: Alien!.... just kidding.
  • Favorite Sports: Golf! <-- I can't play "real" sports.
  • Favorite Color: Either black or blue.
  • Favorite Food: Cheese Quesadillas!
  • Favorite Movies: Currently Spirited Away and Pirates 3.
  • Ninjas or Pirates?: I like both. *gets shot*
  • Will you go out with me?: No. *whispers* Perverts...
  • Favorite Quote: Canada has been too good for too long...

edit Spanish?

Si! Yo hablo Epanol asi-asi. Yo voy un la computadora a las cinco y deci-nueve de la tarde. Tu madre es muy feo.... <-- For all of you who can read Spanish, I appologize.

edit Me and My Phobia of Stalkers

Stalkers? Gasp! Yes, I know, I know. I have had a bad past with stalkers so if you are thinking of stalking me... don't. You are all probably wondering "why?" right know and my answer is: I'm just weird.

edit You Want to Talk to... Me??!

If you want to talk with me please post your messages on my talk page, which most well-educated people should already know about. T_T;

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