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Daryl Lim is the high school genius that created the Sun. One fateful day, when his flashlight ran out of batteries, he decided to create a source of light that the Earth and other planets would revolve around. Alas, he created the Sun, which is still today an extraordinary source of light for many people

sun.jpg This is what Daryl created. It is still viewable today and makes for many a memorable sight

On another fateful day, Daryl realized that the sun did not function at night, and wanted a source of light at night, so he could see where the kitchen was when he wanted a midnight snack. He used his extraordinary powers and created a new source of light, called the Moon. The moon is still visible at night today, and is a great source of light for campers and people going to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

moon1,1.jpg This is the Moon, a great and luminous object that Daryl created

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