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That's what she said. An immortally humorous phrase the likes of which only are found once in a generation. The origin is not known. There are a few theories that have made their rounds through the scientific community, which will be discussed later in this article. Also covered will be the anatomy (don't even think about it) of the "that's what she said" joke. Without further ado, we begin.

edit Origin Theories

Professor Theodore I. Lkbls (of fairly uncertain origin himself) proposes that the "that's what she said" joke actually started when someone told a serious person something that she, in fact, did say. His theory is that it originated in some backwater college where a decidedly unintelligent person said something to the effect of, "Hey, dude, where'd the universe come from?" He was, as you may have guessed, a stoner. Anyway, the professor who's half-a-brain was still intact replied, "Why, that was the Big Bang." The stoner, whose name has been postulated to be John Smith, or possibly John Doe, saw an opportunity for the cheapest laugh he could get, but hey, he was a stoner, so who cares? He thought "Mothher Erth will findd thihis funnie"[sic] and so said "That's what she said." No one laughed except Smith/Doe, who found it so funny that he did it again and posted the event on YouTube. No one paid it any mind until some liberal minded politician caught wind of it. He began speaking out against this form of "disgusting exploitation" of the children who "simply want an education." He cited the source of the video and it instantly became a hit. Professor Theodore I. Lkbls' theory theory is supported mathematically with this equation: Catchphrase=\frac {Idiocy}{Use}=\frac {f(Time\ of\ Origin)}{Education\ of\ Creator}

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