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Brief biography of chuck Norris

When Norris was sixteen, his parents divorced, and he later moved to Prairie village, Kansas and then Torrance, California, with his mother and brothers. Chuck says his childhood as depressing. He was not an athlete, shy, and was not doing well in school. Other children teased him about his background. Norris said in his autobiography that his father had a problem with drinking. After high school, Norris married his girlfriend Diane Holchek, in December 1958.30 years later they got divorced. In 1988 they have had 3 children together, Mike born 1962, Dina born 1964, and Eric born 1965. Eric is now a stock car driver. After marrying Diane, he joined the United States Air Force as a Military Policeman. He was sent to an Air Base in South Korea, where he got this nickname Chuck and soon became interested in martial arts. In, 1968 Norris became middle weight karate champion, winning karate’s Triple Crown in 1968. During that year chuck stared in a movie with Bruce lee called the way of the dragon. In 1993 he created his own TV show walker Texas Ranger that lasted until 2001. Norris is a Republican, telling people the views of the party. Norris has donated over $32,000 to Republican candidates since 1988.

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