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A Preschooler's drawing of Ninja Chef

Ninja Chef is by far the awesomest living being in existance. He is so awesome that his awesomeness cannot be described by mortal words. NOTE: Ninja does not allow bad language on his page and therefore, it is censored.

The Origins of Ninja Chef

Ninja Chef has no past, present, or future because he is past, present, and future. Because of this, his origins are unknown. Scientists, however, believe that Ninja Chef originated as an especially cool ninja who embraced the way of a chef.


Ninja Chef practices the sacred art of Foodjitsu. This fighting technique can only be used by Ninja Chef and is invincible. Therefore, many people in white labcoats believe Ninja Chef to be invincible, although it is obvious that he is.

Not Nice Ninja Chef

Not Nice Ninja Chef (also called "triple N.C.") is the evil twin of Ninja Chef. Not Nice Ninja Chef went on a career of horrible crimes, such as calling random strangers bad names, jay walking, stepping on grass in areas that have "Keep Off Grass" signs on them, returning videos to rental stores without rewinding them first, and other twistedly evil acts of horror. Eventually, Ninja Chef dualed his brother to the death, resulting in Triple N.C.'s demise, ressurection, rise to power, and complete annihilation.

North Carolina

North Carolina was given it's name as an honor to Ninja Chef. Ninja Chef and North Carolina had the same initials, but Ninja Chef would not have anything else use his name. Luckily, the state was just North of South Carolina, and was therefore given the name, North Carolina.


Ninja Chef has killed many pirates and has created such dishes as "Pirate Delight," "Pirate Pot Pie," and "Pirate Beard Pudding."

Friend of the Jesii

Of the many Jesii, Ninja Chef be a homie with each one, yo. They be tight brudda'. This be why Ninja Chef be called "Friend of the Jesii," yo. If you diss Ninja Chef, then the Jesii will be on yo' *** so fast dat you won't know what hit ya!

Ninja Chef's Words of Wisdom

  • "If you don't know what you're talking about, then you should probably shuttup."
  • "He who thinks he is a she should not voice his opinion about such a misconception as thinking it is her opinion for fear that he should be mocked by the public because he is most definately not a she."
  • "If you get pwned, you should accept it. For the person who pwned you shall surely be pwned by another, thus freeing you from pwnship."
  • "Wear your seatbelt, you retard."
  • "If you're jewish, then you probably shouldn't hang out with Nazis."
  • "Likewise, if you're black, you probably shouldn't hang out with the Ku Klux Klan."
  • "If you're a member of the Ku Klux Klan, then you more than likely failed first grade, as you can't seem to spell the word 'clan.'"

Fun Facts About Ninja Chef


This is not Ninja Chef. He's not even a real ninja.

  • Ninja Chef pwns you.
  • Ninja Chef fights with spatulas and tomatoes.
  • Ninja Chef pities Mr. T.
  • Ninja Chef is the true identy of your high school cafeteria chef, he uses this disguise so he doesn't accidentally kill commonfolk by exposing them to his super awesomeness.
  • Ninja Chef taught Chuck Norris how to roundhouse kick when he roundhouse kicked him.
  • Ninja Chef has 20 wives.
  • Ninja Chef is the ultimate Ninja.
  • Ninja Chef blackmails God and, therefore, cannot be smitten.
  • Ninja Chef can't die.
  • Ninja Chef is immune to Russian Reversals.
  • Hitler didn't kill himself, Ninja Chef killed him.
  • Ninja Chef eats Godzilla clones for breakfast.
  • Ninja Chef wrote the Most Awesome Page Ever and is worshipped by FSM.
  • If you were to hear Ninja Chef's voice, your mind would shatter due to his sheer awesomeness.
  • Ninja Chef can cook food so good that we can't comprehend it. Therefore, it tastes horrible to us. But anyone who says this will be killed by Ninj-
  • Ninja Chef killed the guy who wrote that last comment.
  • Ninja Chef has gone by many names in the past. Like "Albert Einstein" and "George Washington."
  • I may be running out of ideas to put here, but Ninja Chef never runs out of ideas.
  • N1NJ4 C#3F 1Z 73# R0X0RZ!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111!!!!!1oneoneoneeleven!!!!111!!!
  • Ninja Chef knows every language known to man, monkey, dolphin, and fruit bat.
  • Tom from MySpace has been hiding from Ninja Chef's wrath for sometime. But Ninja Chef doesn't care because he loves the hunt.
  • Ninja Chef eats Grues for dinner.
  • Ninja Chef belongs to no ethnic group and, therefore, cannot be a racist.
  • Ninja Chef killed the Antichrist so the world won't end.
  • Ninja Chef owns the copyright on the name, "Ninja Chef."
  • Ninja Chef RULES!
  • The Only time Ninja Chef DIDN'T kill some one for insulting his cooking was when Master Hand did it
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