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“Thank you. You have given us the most wonderful thing a man could ever give us; redeeming value.”
~ Articles on Little Jimmy
Little Jimmy
Little Jimmy
Nationality Australian
Date of Birth January 1st, 1 AD
Place of Birth Somewhere in Australia
Height 208 cm (6 ft 10 in)
Weight 150 kg (350 lb)
Profession Humorist
Is better than You
Weapon of Choice Wit and a big stick
Likes Crushing vandals head with his bear hands.
Hates Pointless drivel

Jimmy J. Little, born January 1st 1 AD, is an Uncyclopedia editor and cunning linguist. He spends his time attempting to rid the Uncyclopedian world of his arch nemesis, pointless drivel. The name Little Jimmy comes from quite wittily switching his first and last names around, parodying his massive stature in an act that has caused many to stand up and applaud when they hear it out of their sheer appreciation of its cleverness.

Alas though Jimmy Little has his woes. It seems that just about every other person on Uncyclopedia is, quiet regrettably, an idiot. Any of his attempts at adding redeeming value to any articles on Uncyclopedia is often thwarted by imbeciles who do not know how to be funny and not just stupid. Life is very hard when an hours work is put into writing a cleverly constructed piece of political and social satire, only to have it edited and rewritten by some kindergarten dropout who thinks it is funny to write "penis" followed by an abundance of exclamation marks and ones.

But not all is lost, as you can help him in his quest.

All that you need do is go to an article that has a worthy subject, click the edit button, and then actually write something that may make somebody smile, rather then juvenile dick and fart jokes.

It is that simple.

Well what are you still doing here? Are you not inspired? Go! Create something worth while!


I said go!

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