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AKA The Reverand Doctor Lindsay, an Australian of uncertain parentage (aren't they all?) and vague intelligence.

Born in the late '50's in England I corrected that mistake by translating myself on the X and Z axes to Australia in the mid '60's, landing on a sheep station in the middle of bloody nowhere. Being completely mind-zapped by the experience I escaped to the big city (okay, it was just Sydney) and took out Australian citizenship when I became a man (as defined by law, not intelectual or emotional maturity).

Working for (well, being paid by) the country's major telecommunications carrier taught me how to blow electronic shit up with style and introduced me to computers before Bill Gates had a chance to completely ruin the concept. I continued in my life of bits, bytes, bugs and bootstraps for waaaay too many years, holding positions from technician to Programmer to Project Manager.

30 years later I realised my mistake and dropped out of the world of Computers and Technology and became a labourer. Smart move, if somewhat belated.

During all that I worked as a waiter, a storeman, a security officer, a cub scout leader and a volunteer firefighter. The firefighter stuff is still happening, but I is hoping to find a cure soon.

I also gained a Bachelor of Theology in Religious Studies, a Master of Arts in Philosophy and a Doctor of Divinity (Honourary). I don't think much of born again Christians. Sorry about that.

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