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Primatech Paper Company is a secret Kitten Huffing society run by a man called Bob. It was set up by Jesus and The Caps Lock Man at the last supper. It recently appeared in the hit reality TV show Heroes although it actually based in Chuck Norris’s beard not Odessa Texas.

edit The Early Days

Soon after establishing the company Jesus realized that there were people other than him with Super Powers, obtained by panic buying turnips at 6:66 on the 13 Smarch 666 B.C.E on Animal Crossing . He vowed to hunt them down and do tests on them for some reason. Then when he died he passed on control of the company to his 13 disciples who where:

  • Artur Peterelli
  • Angela Peterelli
  • Daniel Linderman
  • Kaito Nakamura
  • Victoria Pratt
  • Bob Bishop
  • Maury Parkman
  • Charles Deveaux
  • Carlos Mendez
  • Harry Fletcher
  • Paula Gramble
  • The Caps Lock Man (however he soon disappeared)
  • and Unkown Female

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The Caps Lock Man was not here when the photo was taken, he was too busy doing Your mum. Lots of the 12 died for some reason and Bob became head of the company. Unkown Female became a Whore, did Claire bennet and published a really boring auto-biography.

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