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Claire Bennet is a hot cheerleader from the reality TV show Heroes. She was created by Primatech Paper Company to be the most sexy being to exist in the world and has slept with many people. The Primatech Paper Company forced Meredith Gordon, an arsonist, and Nathan Peterelli, a politician, to have sex and create her. Then Noah Bennett and Claud Rains were going to rape Meredith Gordon but she went on fire and Primatech Paper Company made Noah Bennett take her as his daughter, until the day she turned 18. Noah Bennett refused to give her back, because he had realized how good she was at buttsecks. He left the company and Claire had sex with lots of people. They are currently living in California so that Claire can get a tan and she is dating the compass direction West. Oh yeah and she has some sort of superpower, I think its regeneration or something...

Claire is hot.

edit Times Claire has harmed herself since you logged in


edit Who She's Slept With

Claire Bennet has slept with a lot of people, but here's a short list:


Oh yeah...Claire is so hot in the second season!

Basically everyone except you.

edit Healing And Stuff

Claire can also heal herself and stuff. Because of this many young male emos have been fantasising about her joining the emo cult. One time she died but, then she woke up in the middle of her autopsy because they pulled a Twig out of her neck and she was fine.


Ahh yeah, so hot!

edit Other abilities

Her other abilities include:

  • Permentanty wearing a cheerleader costume.
  • Doing her uncle and not getting AIDS

edit 2006

edit In the begining

In the beginning Claire was pushed into a glass wall by her bitchy best friend who was trying to rape her. When her hand healed she became the ultimate emo and started committing suicide and taping it for fun. Her dad discover these videos, thinking they where porn and found out how good she was at buttsecks and healing. He decided to protect her at any cost. Meanwhile Mystery Sock started painting special pictures of her being killed. Peter saw these and journed to Texas to save her after he'd been told to by Super Duper Future Hiro.

edit 2007

Why the hell is 2007 in here?

edit See Also

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