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“Nice to put a name to a face. But that's not my name. And this is not my face.”
~ Me on Leverage and Henry Blofeld (left).

From now on I will mostly be writing on the other page in order to keep their UnNews end up, but I still come back here looking for funny things to read and vote on.

Stuff what I done

Name of article Date Featured
UnNews:British class survey 'a bit shit' 4 April 2013
UnNews:100m Americans watch West Indies win cricket final 7 October 2012 Yes
UnNews:A guide to Pope Benedict's updated Christmas story 23 November 2012
UnNews:Adults quietly vote to keep internet porn 15 December 2012
UnNews:Catholic Church set to remove Jimmy Savile's papal knighthood 27 October 2012
UnNews:California passes law banning blood-to-crip therapy 5 October 2012
UnNews:Brooks begs Cameron to leave wife 19 December 2012
UnNews:British porn industry booms due to lax attitude on condoms 5 January 2013
UnNews:BBC DJ's warned over possible Savile Pranksters 29 October 2012
UnNews:Baumgartner skydive 'was bachelor party prank' 15 October 2012
UnNews:An American's guide to Scottish Independence 16 October 2012
UnNews:Abu Hamza 'devastated' over Queen revelation 25 September 2012 Yes
UnNews:An American's guide to Jimmy Savile 2 October 2012
UnNews:Afghanistan death toll closing in on 9/11 target 30 September 2012 Yes
UnNews:Concern as entire Chinese race disappears for a minute 3 December 2012
UnNews:Complacent Obama beats wife during economic debate 4 October 2012
UnNews:Clark Kent finds sustainable online journalism business model 26 October 2012
UnNews:Chavez plays down "crush you all" comment 8 October 2012
UnNews:Ignorance not bliss, new study finds 26 September 2012 Yes
UnNews:Hutchence 'now second worst asphyxiation death' 26 November 2012
UnNews:Adverts to help Pakistanis distinguish 'several Americans' and 'America' 21 September 2012
UnNews:Hunter Moore struggling to find something worse than revenge porn 4 December 2012
UnNews:Homosexual comic characters 'giving geeks ideas' 20 October 2012
UnNews:Heavily bearded relative feels snubbed at party 25 December 2012
UnNews:Former Last FM chairman launches controversial sexual assault site 1 December 2012
UnNews:Ferdinand hurts own face with shirt 9 December 2012
UnNews:FaceBook comments arrest terrifies trolls 9 October 2012
UnNews:Obama team blames Burma kiss on 'fatigue' 20 November 2012
UnNews:Number of gay TV characters "still far behind number of gay actors and producers" 8 October 2012
UnNews:New Year Honours List 2013 2 January 2013
UnNews:Media celebrates Connecticut mass murder 14 December 2012
UnNews:Man realises he holds penis with left hand 21 December 2012
UnNews:Man's nipples fall right off 11 December 2012
UnNews:Mancini-Balotelli bust up featured 'incomprehensible gestures' 3 January 2013
UnNews:Lance Armstrong: My Moped Shame 11 October 2012
UnNews:Kate vows to sit on arse for entire pregnancy 4 December 2012
UnNews:Jeremy Forrest's colleagues make first uneasy jokes 1 October 2012
UnNews:TaTu to reunite after Pussy Riot prison camp decision 22 October 2012
UnNews:Shock as Kate hoax DJ's commit suicide 8 December 2012
UnNews:Physical Cliff: the name that's sweeping the stripper industry 3 January 2013
UnNews:Remembrance day remembered 12 November 2012
UnNews:Pete Best gets hammered as Love Me Do turns 50 5 October 2012
UnNews:Obama wins debate with Fresh Prince rap 17 October 2012
UnNews:What happened to Italian cocks? 5 December 2012
UnNews:US to consider Coptic Pope method for 2016 election 4 November 2012
UnNews:UN establishes worldwide ban on anal sex 2 October 2012
UnNews:UK and Argentina hopeful over new pointless conflict 22 December 2012
UnNews:Two and a Half Men also shit - Cryer 27 November 2012
UnNews:Tom Cruise: 'I have heterosexual feelings' 3 October 2012
UnNews:The Onion's business plan undone by Esc button 3 October 2012
UnNews:The day the whole world came 11 November 2012
UnNews:Thatcher's second heart to lead her to re-election? 24 December 2012
UnNews:Sandy Hook school choir accused of miming 4 February 2013

Stuff what I tinkered with

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