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“Teh force is strong with this one.”

~ Obi-Wan Kenobi on USC 13-10

The one and only force! USC 13-10 was created at the early 300th century. 1800 it was declared as the mightiest and most respected clan over the world. But 1942 they got defeated, in the Great War of Odin, by the rulers of the new age, Teletubbies, also known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

edit the Great War of Odin

edit Preparation

Thor and Loki started to prepare for the war already in the 30s. They made over 100 carrotcakes and they also made lemonade for more than all of the people that was taking part in the Great War of Odin. Loki and Thor both knew Odin from the childhood and they knew he would appreciate all the lemonade and cakes.

edit Background

In the early 1900s the USC 13-10 ruled the world with their hairy hands and stinky foots. They say that the clan was larger than the population of china and more powerful than Russia and USA together. Then, three men came from the sky. They said they were sent by god and that their name was Jesus. But three Jesuses was to much for the people so they decided to call them Tinky Winky, Lala and Poe. The third man, Poe, did not accept this, so he gave birth to a girl and named her Poe. The early Poe could there after take the name Dipsy and come to light as the leader of the Teletubbies. This rebellgroup of hippies in their colorfull costumes did now arm for a war against USC 13-10, aka the Force. The Teletubbies purpose with this war was to gain power to take the lead in gingerbreadbaking AND to become the most powerful ruler of the universe ever! Longe live the force!

edit the Great War of Odin

Pang! Booooom!

- What happen?

- Somebody set up us the bomb.

Bam! Zing! Zub! Pang!!

- What!


- It's you!! (Odin appears..)

Zig, zig!

- Take of every 'Zig'!!

Zing.. Zag!

- Ha Ha Ha Ha....

As you can se; the Teletubbies kicked USC 13-10s asses and became the today's ruler of the world.

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