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The Beatles: The Red Album
Hammer and sickle
Album by The Beatles
Released September 23, 2007
Recorded January, 1969
Genre Psychedelia, Communist Anthems
Length 63:39
Record label Parlophone
Producers George Martin
Phil Spector
Professional reviews
Pitchfork Media review 5.4528245/10 - "Across the ancient sands of time, the soundwaves caressed my cochlea, spurning onward that which once was, but wasn't meant to be. This album was okay I guess."
Rolling Stone review 3.5/5 - "I didn't listen to this album. Who are the Beetles?"
George Orwell review 0/5 - "Doubleplusungood."
Beatle Albums
The White Album
The Red Album
Let It Be

The Red Album is an unreleased album by the Beatles. It was recorded during the band's brief visit to the Soviet Union in 1968, shortly after their ill-fated stay with tickle fetishist Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The album is so named because of its distinctive red album art, as well as its lyrical content, which mostly focuses on praise of the communist system. Since the Western world in 1968 held communists in lower esteem than necrotizing fasciitis, the album was scrapped and never saw release outside of the Soviet Bloc Many of the songs on the Red Album were hastily reworked to appear on the White Album, which is probably why that album is so all over the place.


Following the release of Magical Mystery Tour, John Lennon yearned for respite from his hectic schedule of writing, recording, and tripping sack. Eager for a transcendental experience, he dragged the rest of the band with him to Rishikesh, India to meditate with the renowned spiritual guru Maharishi Yogi. Lennon quickly became disillusioned with the Maharishi, as it became apparent that the meditation sessions were a thinly veiled excuse for Maharishi to indulge in his tickle fetish. Maharishi, who was also known as the "giggling guru", often isolated the female members of his camp and offered them what he called "tickle therapy". When Lennon found the Maharishi tickling the feet of a bound and gagged Prudence Farrow, he was repulsed and left for the Rishikesh airport immediately. However, due to a miscommunication, he accidentally booked the band a flight to Moscow, rather than their native Liverpool.

Track listing

  1. Back in the U.S.S.R.
  2. Glass Onion Domes
  3. Wild Honey Pierogi
  4. Happiness Is A Ruski's Buns (An Ode To Fine Russian Ass)
  5. Fuck, Moscow Is Really Cold In The WInter...
  6. Capitalist Piggies
  7. Ringo Starr's Song (Pass It By)
  8. Why Don't We Do It In The Kremlin?
  9. Mother Russia's Son
  10. Nobody's Got Anything To Hide (Because If They Did They'd Probably Get Sent To A Gulag)
  11. Hey Mahrishi Yogi (Fuck You, You Suck)
  12. October Revolution #1
  13. October Revolution #9
  14. Oh Shit, Ringo Is Choking On His Drumstick
  15. Sickles and Hammers (later covered by The Minutemen)
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